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MOLAR Coalition is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit increasing opportunities for capacity and sustainability helping to reduce the burden of oral disease in Maricopa County.  We are a dedicated group of concerned providers and social service agencies including oral health leaders in Maricopa County representing public health, behavioral health, native american health, hispanic health, geriatric health, universities, pediatric health, community health centers and more who are committed to addressing the oral health issues in our community.

MOLAR Coalition is  Maricopa County’s Oral Health Coalition. 

Maricopa is the fourth largest populated county in the country, nearly 4 million residents!   In fact, it is larger than 24 states and accounts for over half of Arizona’s population.  It covers 9,000 square miles; has 46 cities, towns, and communities; and includes five Indian reservations.  It is also highly transient; has a senior population larger than most; and urban sprawl which creates barriers to care through transportation, cost, and language.

Many of our county’s most vulnerable citizens go without routine dental checkups and treatment due in part to ever widening gaps in service delivery and access to oral health care. Their untreated, preventable infections often create social and financial burdens for their families and support networks.


Starting In December 2009, over 25 individuals attended the first meeting to determine the need for an oral health coalition in Maricopa County, Arizona, thus began the development of a broad based county-wide oral health coalition (MOLAR). MOLAR expanded its membership to form a coalition Steering Committee which was charged with four major activities:

  • Develop mission, vision, and value statements;
  • Research various organizational structures of oral health coalitions and determine best practices;
  • Determine various legal vehicles for coalitions; and
  • Launch a sustainable countywide oral health coalition.

The Steering Committee began by identifying a broad based list of stakeholder organizations and individuals to invite as founding members of the Coalition. After comparing several oral health coalitions’ nationwide and assessing specific needs in Maricopa County, the Steering Committee identified the Purpose, Mission, and Fundamental Functions of MOLAR.

Several community partners have provided valuable resources to the newly formed Coalition for its first 18 months of development which included communications, facilitation, meeting space and planning, conference calling, minute taking and other operational support.

Specifically, Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation funded a full time staff position through the AmeriCorps*VISTA program and the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits. This staff position, alongside the Steering Committee, has provided the stability needed to keep MOLAR moving. The AmeriCorps*VISTA program is contracted from September 2010 – August 2011.

Additional support was provided in the summer of 2010 through the St. Luke’s Health Initiative’s Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP). The TAP grant provided initial strategic planning assistance to develop first year goals. In late 2010 through early 2011, MOLAR worked with Family Health Partnerships, a branch of Maricopa County Department of Public Health, to complete strategic planning. Coalition structure, membership, process and other key elements were decided upon and Operating Guidelines for the Coalition were drafted.

Today MOLAR has been granted status as a 501c3 Non Profit. Yes, this means you can donate to MOLAR and have it be counted as a charitable donation. MOLAR is your voice in the community, bringing awareness to the consequences of poor oral health and advocating for the right to preventable care for all the residents of Maricopa County!

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