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February 2018 Newsletter

22 Feb 2018 8:19 PM | Sue Barenholtz (Administrator)

The Board wants you to know about several opportunities and hopes you will volunteer during this month.   

  Here are some opportunities:

 --Give Kids a Smile” event at the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health on February 16th

 --Reach out to schools, the “Y” or Head Start programs in your neighborhood.
  --Find posters and activity sheets at ada.org under public programs or at ilikemyteeth.org.
--Ilikemyteeth.org also has a poster on the importance of oral health during pregnancy in English and Spanish.

February is also Heart Health Month. Heart disease is ranked third as greatest health problem for U S women, with mental health #1 and cancer #2. According to the American Heart Association website, six in 10 women are unaware of their cholesterol numbers, blood sugar levels (A1c) or body mass index. Every Wednesday in February, The Minute Clinic at CVS pharmacies offer NO COST screening for blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and body mass index. Check it out for yourself or share this information with family/friends and patients.

The Arizona Legislature is in full swing. The Board urges you to stay alert to what’s happening with several bills. See the article below for more details.
  • SB 1445- AHCCCS coverage for pregnant women;
  • SB 1470 Sunrise Bill;
  • SB 1377- Dental Therapy bill
  • HB 2127- Funding for KidsCare


March 9th - 9:00 am - noon: MOLAR EDUCATION MEETING
Interprofessional Collaborative Models in Healthcare

Join us for this special two hour CE, where you will learn about emerging interprofessional collaborative models in healthcare (medical offices, community-based settings, and hospital settings) and understand how it can improve education and health outcomes for your patients, presented by Sandra DeVita, RDH, RN, BSN and Michelle Gross-Panico, DHSc, RDH, AP.
New Location: Native Health, 4041 N Central, Building C, Phoenix 85012

Admission is free, but please CLICK HERE to register now

Oral Health America's Webinar Series consists of monthly webinars to provide a forum for programs to share information about promising practices and innovative projects. Marshall Dentistry and Oral Surgery enables OHA to offer CE credits for our webinars to dental and nursing professionals as well as social workers!
March 1, 2018, 2:00 PM CST Iowa: An Example of an Integrated Teaching, Service & Research Geriatric Program - The Role of Community Health Workers in Oral Health - Presenters: Joan Cleary; Adele Della Torre, DDS.
March 19, 2018, 2:00 PM CST - North Dakota Department of Health, Oral Health Program--Older Adults. Presenter: Toni Hruby

For more information or to view previous webinars, please visit Oral Health America Webinar Series  - CLICK HERE

MOLAR Oral Health Coalition 2018 meeting Dates
May 11, 2018, July 13, 2018, September 14, 2018, November 9, 2018

Affiliated Practice Tool Kit has been postponed until the Fall. Details coming soon.



MOLAR urges you to be prepared to write your legislator or the Senate Health and Human Services Committee members or House Health Committee members in support of the following bills :
SB 1445- AHCCCS Dental Care for Pregnant Women, sponsored by Senator Yee this bill has a total of 52 bipartisan co-sponsors.  Covered services expanded to include dental services up to $1000 per member for a person who is at least 21 years of age and in any stage of pregnancy.  Would appropriate 1.27 million from general fund and 2.95 million from Medicaid authority in FY 2018-2019.
SB 1470- Sunrise Process, sponsored by Senator Borrelli this bill makes several changes to the Sunrise process making it easier for professional organizations to amend scope of practice among other things.
SB 1377- Dental Therapist, sponsored by Senator Barto this bill establishes a new dental provider, the dental therapist, who has a limited restorative scope to provide care to underserved populations.
HB 2127-Prevents an automatic freeze of KidsCare, sponsored by Rep. Cobb this bill allows the Director of AHCCCS to continue enrolling members in KidsCare if federal funding drops below 100 percent.

Below are the names and email addresses of the legislators:
Senate Health and Human Services Committee          House Health Committee

Senator Nancy Barto nbarto@azleg.gov                                    Heather Carter hcarter@azleg.gov
Senator David Bradley dbradley@azleg.gov                             Dr. Regina Cobb rcobb@azleg.gov 
Senator Katie Hobbs khobbs@azleg.gov                                   Kelli Butler kbutler@azleg.gov
Senator Kate Brophy-McGee kbrophymcgee@az                      Jay Lawrence jlawrence@azleg.gov
Senator Judy Burgess jburgess@azleg.gov                                Tony Navarrete tnavarrete@azleg.gov
ator Rick Gray rgray@azleg.gov                                           Pamela Powers Hannley ppowershannley@azleg.gov
                                                                                                  Tony Rivero trivero@azleg.gov
                                                                                                   Maria Syms msyms@azleg.gov
                                                                                                   Michelle Udall mudall@azleg.gov

From time to time we will send alerts and request you email these legislators immediately to express your opinion on the issue that is coming before them in committee. You should also reach out to your personal Representative or Senator. If you are not sure who that is, you can go to azleg.gov to look it up.

Thursday, March 1st is AzDHA 2018 Capitol Day
Don’t miss this opportunity to educate legislators about the important work of dental hygienists!  Here’s the plan for the day:
8:00      Check-in; Light Continental Breakfast; Snacks Available All Day
8:15      Updates, Legislator Meeting Assignments & Logistics
9:00      Various Activities Including Meetings with Legislators, Committee Meetings, Capitol Museum Tour
1:15      House and Senate Floor Sessions, Group’s Introduction to Legislators
2:00      Meetings with Legislators Continue
3:00      Capitol Day Concludes
Arizona State Capitol Complex, 1700 W Washington, Phoenix, 85007 - Meeting Room: Historic Supreme Court Chambers (in the Old Capitol Building).
NOTE: Before you start the registration process, please visit 
https://openstates.org/ to find out your legislative district and legislators.

Registration is FREE! – CLICK HERE - Registration deadline: February 25th!

A reminder of this month’s Spirit of Community donation items for March for Street kids- UMOM :
Personal care items (shampoo, soap, hair brushes, etc.)



January Program Summary
Build Your Advocacy Muscles: How to be an Effective Advocate


If you missed this meeting, you missed a lot. Our panel included Representative Mark Cardenas, District 19, Jessie Armendt, Senior Associate, Compass Strategies lobbyist and Will Humble, Executive Director, Arizona Public Health Association.

Rep. Cardenas started by telling us he is one of 14 members of the Appropriations Committee of the Arizona House of Representatives.These committees cover budget, appropriations, taxation and general expense related information. 
If you want your bill funded, these committee members are who you need to get the attention of. Mark’s suggestions for getting their attention?
  • First remember that these representatives are part-time law makers with full time jobs elsewhere.
  • If you are a constituent within his zip code, he will take your call or read your email immediately. Be sure you are contacting the correct rep for your zip code.
  • Tell him a story about a patient or child and how your issue helped them. He will remember that when he is in session.
  • It means a lot to him when the public comes forward and testifies. He knows it is not an easy task. People must take time off work and/or find a babysitter, parking and wait for hours to get two minutes to speak.
  • You can also register on their website and weigh in on issues important to you from home.
Ms. Armendt has seen very monumental shifts in Medicaid expansion and kids care. They’ve been chipping away at dental benefits for kids. The Governor has proposed $300 million for K-12 for next year because he is a passionate advocate.
Jessie talked about different types of advocacy work:
  1. Grass Roots – where you are trying to create a movement in your community. You need to get people in your community to recruit others. It’s very effective, but also expensive, time consuming and hard to manage.
  2. Grass Tops: connecting with influential people (they don’t have to be well known or famous) who have a direct connection to their legislatures. You want to form a personal relationship with them.
  3. Lobbying: being involved at the Capital. Since it is hard for dental professionals to make it downtown to track their bills, some have formed professional organizations and hired a lobbyist to be there and be engaged at the Capital to amplify their voice.
Jessie say a very valuable tool is to register on the “Request To Speak” system online. Once you register, you can show up the day of the bill and testify. If you can’t be there, you can register your comments online. You can now go to the Arizona House of Representatives website to complete the form at www. AZleg.gov.

If you are following a particular bill, you can check agendas. Committees meet once a week and agendas are posted five business days before. Be aware that agendas can be amended up to two days before, with the exception of an appropriations bill, which can be changed or removed from the agenda up to the meeting time. The order of agendas can also change at meeting time, so be prepared to spend the day, even if your item is listed first on the agenda, as it can change. That is why groups who can afford to, hire a lobbyist whose job it is to be there and be the voice of your organization.

Mr. Humble told us that trying to get things done in public health is a one-year process at best. The best time for the public to get things done is while the legislature is not in committee, because they are too busy with their full-time jobs and their legislative responsibilities.

Will gave an example of how he builds relationships. It’s about working on the relationship, not just when you need something, but also thinking about how you can help the other person. Will gives a small donation to his district rep. He has her phone number and texts her when he finds things he thinks she might be interested in. Then, when he needs help, it is easier to get her attention because they have built a relationship.
If you are a health care worker, getting certified with AzPHA will help you be better informed and appear as a credible source to get the attention of legislaters (http://www.azpha.org).

Passing a bill into law is a long battle. For example, Governor Ducey’s agenda during his first year was restoration of oral health benefits for DDD. Year two was emergency dental benefits for everyone. Now in year three he is working on comprehensive oral health benefits for medicare and pregnant women. They break big issues down into steps and don’t go for everything all at once. It may take years, but there is a better chance to get things done.

The first thing you need is to find a sponsor who is passionate about your issue. Ask yourself who in the house or senate is interested in oral health? Examples include:
  • Representative Cobb practiced as a dentist and has young children.
  • Representative Yee’s husband is a dentist.
  • If you have a relationship with AHCCCS Health Insurance, utilize it, because that will get their attention.
 Will summed up the discussion with the following:
  • Remember to build your relationships, help them whenever you can, stay engaged and use their personal email on the website azleg.gov.
  • Think about who has access to oral health by joining your association or coalition.
  • You can achieve anything if you have a collective voice.


Spirit of Community Reminder:
May: personal care items (hand lotion, hand sanitizer, etc.) Seniors at Oznam Manor
July: Water for Andre House; Non-perishable food items for food banks
September: Books to promote literacy- underserved kids
November: Stuffed animals/ non-perishable food items Food pantries and police/fire department for traumatized children
All above recipients also get 30 oral hygiene kits


Western Regional Dental Experience: April 12-14, 2018. Glendale, AZ. Registration is open: www.westernregional.org

ADHA 95th Annual Conference- June 20-23, 2018 Columbus, OH. Registration opens January 17, 2018 - www.ADHA.org/annual-conference

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