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Check It Out: "Talking Tobacco" Online Education Course

Maricopa County Department of Public Health - Office of Tobacco and Chronic Disease Prevention has a free online course, "Talking Tobacco", designed to educate dental professionals about the effects of tobacco use on oral health.

Authored by Carolyn Holman, R.D.H., a registered dental hygienist and educator who administers Maricopa County’s Oral Health Tobacco Education program, “Talking Tobacco”  (at focuses on the oral manifestations of tobacco use, the critical role that dental professionals play in helping their patients quit, and ways to alleviate the costly public health problem of tobacco use.

In an engaging and easy-to-use format, the narrated two-hour course provides general tobacco facts and current statistics, details about the oral manifestations of tobacco use with pictorial examples, information about the seven FDA-approved cessation medications and in-depth information about oral cancer. With knowledge gained from this education, dental professionals can better prevent, detect and treat tobacco-related disease for patients throughout Maricopa County.

Now, dental professionals throughout Maricopa County and even further afield who would not be able to attend in-person can take the course via the Internet. Dental Professionals can earn two free continuing education credits by completing this course.



Arizona earns "D" in National Study on Kids' Access to Dental Sealants

According to a recent study conducted by the Pew Center, Arizona was one of only 15 states to receive a letter grade of "D" in regards to low-income children having access to dental sealants.

Of the study’s four benchmarks regarding dental prevention strategies Arizona received a passing grade for only one, thus failing to meet the requirements for a total of three benchmarks.

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